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At VeeMa Foods we're all about enjoying life’s little pleasures, guilt free. We firmly believe it should be possible to eat your cake, and still fit into that swimsuit while feeling good about it! That's why we fell in love with Allulose - a naturally occurringsugar substitute, that's a real sugar, and which tastes like sugar, but contains 90% fewer calories and none of the carbohydrates found in regular table sugar. It is a perfect product for health conscious individuals, particularly those on the ketogenic or low-carb diets, looking for a safe and natural sugar substitute to use in their baking, and anywhere else sugar is used.


We truly hope this product helps you enjoy the sweeter side of life, guilt-free, like it has for us!

Allulose Single Pack - 400g

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    • Allulose is a rare sugar — found naturally in foods like figs, raisins, maple syrup, and molasses
    • Our Allulose, packaged locally in Canada, and made from GMO-free ingredients, is a completely safe sweetener for diabetics, and for ketogenic or low carb dieters
    • Allulose is easy on your stomach — unlike many sugar-alcohols — and it cooks, bakes, and browns just like real sugar (because it is a real sugar!)
    • Allulose has the luxurious mouthfeel and taste of table sugar, with absolutely no aftertaste, and contains fewer than 10% of the calories of table sugar — approx. 2 calories per tablespoon
    • Allulose is approximately 70% as sweet as table sugar, so feel free to use a little more to get the same level of sweetness you’re used to from table sugar (1¼ cup allulose equals approximately 1 cup table sugar in sweetness)


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