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We offer all-natural food products for a variety of specialty diets. Whether you're living the KETO, LOW-CARB, or Low-FODMAP lifestyle, or simply looking for healthier alternatives, you've come to the right place!

A rare and natural

sugar alternative...

Allulose, considered a "rare" sugar, is found naturally in foods like figs, raisins, maple syrup, and molasses. It has been consumed in small quantities throughout human existence, and has GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation from the FDA. It also contains zero net-carbs, and is appropriate for people on the KETO or Low-Carb diets, for diabetics, and anyone else looking to cut out or reduce excess sugar and calories from their lives. It's the perfect sugar-alternative, that happens to be a real sugar!  

Goodbye, weird aftertaste!

Hello, guilt-free decadence!

Allulose has the luxurious mouthfeel and taste of table sugar, with absolutely NO aftertaste or any off-tastes, while containing fewer than 10% of the calories (and none of the carbs) of table sugar! (approx. 2 calories per tablespoon) 

From baking, to browning, to caramelizing...

Allulose has you covered!

Made from GMO-free ingredients, our Allulose bakes, browns, and caramelizes just like real sugar (because it is a real sugar!). It easily dissolves in hot and cold liquids, retains moisture in baked goods, and gives you the same bulk table sugar does. It's the perfect sugar-free sugar for baking! And you can always feel good about buying our product as it is expertly manufactured in the USA, and packaged locally here in Canada for your enjoyment. 

Sugar and Spice...

and everything nice! 

Not simply limited to desserts, Allulose can also be used in savoury dishes, spice mixes, or sauces that require sweetness to work. Perfect for a sweet sugar-free BBQ sauce, to give it those brown caramel notes, or a spicy dry rub mix, and pretty much everywhere else you currently use sugar or unhealthy and unnatural tasting artificial sweeteners.

Finally, a sweetener that both your mouth and your tummy...

can agree on!

Unlike common sugar-alcohols (like Erythritol, Maltitol, or the many Stevia and Monkfruit blends containing them), Allulose is easy on your stomach and won't cause any distress. It even competes for absorption with other sugars and carbs you might be consuming along with it, lowering your food's overall glycemic index and consequent blood sugar spikes. It's similar to Xylitol in taste and function, but unlike Xylitol it has far fewer calories, measures 0 on the glycemic index, and is not toxic to your pets. It's truly a win-win for taste and overall health! 

Chocolate Truffles

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